Conferences before 2023

2021 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Virtual)

2019 Da Nang, Vietnam

2018 Suzhou, China

2017 Brunei

2015 Daejeon, Korea

2014 Ahmedabad, India

2013 Da Nang Vietnam

2012 Beijing, China

2011 Manila, Philippines

2010 Sabah, Malaysia

2009 Chiang Mai, Thailand

2008 Jakarta & Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2007 Hanoi & Ho Chi Min, Vietnam

GLoCALL 2021

GLoCALL 2021 was a virtual conference that was jointly organised by PacCALL and HELP University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 16-18 December 2021.

Plenary Speakers

  • Dr. Wong Su Luan (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
  • Dr. Deborah Healey (University of Oregon, USA)
  • Dr. Mark Pegrum (The University of Western Australia)
  • Dr. Pramela Krish (Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia)
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Robb (Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan)
  • Prof. Gordon Bateson (Kochi University of Technology, Japan)
GLoCALL 2021

GLoCALL 2019

GLoCALL 2019 was jointly organised by PacCALL and the University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Da Nang, Vietnam from 8-10 August 2019.

Plenary and Featured Speakers

  • Dr. Bao Kham (Hue University, Vietnam)
  • Dr. Cynthia White (Massey University, New Zealand)
  • Dr. Karen Price (ESL Consultant, USA)
  • Dr. Eric Hagley (Muroran Institue of Technology, Japan)
  • Claire Bradline Siskin (ESL Consultant, USA)
GLoCALL 2019

GLoCALL 2018


Plenary Speakers

Philip Hubbard (Stanford University, USA)

Regine Hampel (Open University, UK)

Thomas Robb (Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan)

Vivien Berry (British Council)

Yueguo Gu (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

GLoCALL 2018 was jointly organised by PaCALL and ChinaCALL at Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University from 16-18 August 2018.

GLoCALL 2017

GLoCALL 2017 was jointly organised by PacCALL, APACALL and University Technologi Brunei (UBT) from 7-9 September 2017

Plenary and Featured Speakers

Alan Schwartz (CEO & Founder of EnglishCentral)

Professor Dr. Thang Siew Ming (School of Language Studies and Linguistics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)

Dr. Marta González-Lloret ( Full Professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States)

Gu, Yueguo (professor, the Head of the Corpus Linguistics Department, and Director of Corpus and Computational Linguistics Research Centre of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Eric Hagley (Lecturer at the Institute of Technology and the chair of the Asia Pacific Virtual Exchange Association (APVEA) and head of the International Virtual Exchange (IVE) Project)  

GLoCALL 2015

GLoCALL 2015 was jointly organised by PacCALL, APACALL and KAMALL at the Pai Chai University, Daejeon from 12-14 November 2015

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Agnes Kukulska-Hulme (Professor of Learning Technology and Communication in the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University and Past-President of the International Association for Mobile Learning)

Thomas Cobb (has built, worked in, and run ESL reading and writing programs of many types and levels and teaches applied linguistics at the University of Quebec in Montreal)

Jeong-Bae Son, Ph.D ( teaches Applied Linguistics & TESOL courses and supervises EdD and PhD students at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia) 

Dr. Inn-Chull Choi (professor of the Dept. of English Education at Korea University, and an editorial board member of Language Testing)

GLoCALL 2014

GLoCALL 2014 was jointly organised by PacCALL, APACALL and Bhavan’s College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India from 9-11 October 2014

Plenary Speakers

Prof. M M Pant (previous Pro-Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and faculty at IIT Kanpur

Dr. Thomas Robb (Professor and Chair of the Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages, at Kyoto Sangyo University and Chief Developer for the Mreader software)

Dr, Claire Bradin Siskin ( chaired of the CALL Interest Section of TESOL and the Executive Board of the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO)

Dr. Vance Stevens (ESL lecturer, CALL coordinator, CALL software developer, consultant, lecturer in computing, teacher coordinator, English teacher in UAE. Also founder of Webheads in Action)

GLoCALL 2013

GLoCALL 2013 was jointly organised by PacCALL, APACALL and the University of Danang, Da Nang, Vietnam from 28-30 November 2013

Plenary Speakers

Dr, Greg Kessler (Associate Professor of CALL in the Linguistics Department at Ohio University. & Action Research Column editor for the journal Language Learning & Technology)

Glenn Stockwell (Ph.D., is Professor in Applied Linguistics at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan & Editor-in-Chief of The JALT CALL Journal, Associate Editor of Computer Assisted Language Learning and Language Learning & Technology)

Andrew Lian is Professor of Foreign Language Studies and Director of Technology-Enhanced Language-Learning Unit, School of Foreign Languages, Suranaree University of Technology in Thailand

Nguyen Ngoc Hung, (PhD, and the Executive Manager of the National Foreign Languages Project 2020, known as Project 2020)

GLoCALL 2012

GLoCALL 2012 was jointly organised by PacCALL, APACALL and the International Symposium on CALL at Beijing Foreign Studies University from 18-20 October 2012

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Mark Warschauer (Professor of Education and Informatics at the University of California, Irvine, and director of the university’s Ph.D. in Education program and the founder and co-editor of Language Learning & Technology journal)

Dr. Françoise Blin (Professor at the School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies at Dublin City University, and President of the European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL) and co-editor of ReCALL (published by Cambridge University Press)

Dr Peter Gobel (Professor in the Faculty of Cultural Studies at Kyoto Sangyo University, as well as a Lecturer at Temple University, Japan) 

Dr. Yueguo Gu (professor of linguistics, and head of the Contemporary Linguistics Department, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Beijing Foreign Studies University)

 Dr. Jianqiao Dong (professor in the Faculty of English at Jiangnan University, and Dean of School of Foreign Studies since 2005)  

GLoCALL 2011

GLoCALL 2011 was jointly organised by PacCALL, APACALL and

the Department of English and Applied Linguistics, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines from 27–29 October 2011

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Dorothy Chun (University of California a tBerkeley)

Dr. Marie-Noelle Lamy (The Open University in the UK)

DR. Siew Ming Thang (University Kebangsaan Malaysia)

Dr. Rachel Edita Roxas (De La Salle University, Manila)

GLoCALL 2010

GLoCALL 2010 was jointly organized by PacCALL, APACALL and

the Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia from 1-3 December

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Dr. Jozef Colpaert (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Dr. Leslie Opp-Beckman (University of Oregon, Linguistics Department, American English Institute, USA)

Jeong Bae Son (PhD), University of Southern Queensland

GLoCALL 2009

GLoCALL 2009 was jointly organized by PacCALL, APACALL and Chiang Mai University from 9-11 December

Plenary Speakers

Lance Knowles (DynEd International)

Dr. Carla Meskill (University at Albany, State University of New York)

Dr. Thomas Robb (Kyoto Sangyo University)

GLoCALL 2008

GLoCALL 2008 was jointly organized by PacCALL, APACALL and an Education Centre in Jakarta (8-9 November) and Yogkarta (11-12 November 2008)

Plenary Speakers

Dr Phil Hubbard (Stanford University)

Dr. Debra Hoven (Athabasca University)

Chan Wai Meng (University of Singapore)

GLoCALL 2007

GLoCALL 2007 was jointly by PacCALL, APACALL and SEAMEO RETRAC, Ho Chi Minh City (from 2-4 November) and Hanoi university (from 5-7 November 2007)

Plenary and Featured Speakers

GU YueGuo (Beijing Foreign Studies University)

Deborah Healey, Oregon State University, U.S.A.

Le Huy Lam, HCMC University of Education

Nguyen Xuan Vang, Hanoi University

Scott Windeatt, Newcastle University, U.K,

Stephane Charitos, Columbia University, U.S.A.

Andrew Ross, Brown University, U.S.A.

Vance Stevens, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.