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** By air (Hohhot Baita International Airport) or by train (Hohhot Railway Station or Hohhot East Railway Station). It takes about two hours by high-speed train from Beijing to Hohhot. Go to Conference Venue for more information.

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About GLoCALL conferences

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What are GLoCALL conferences about?

GLoCALL conferences have been held annually since 2007 in various countries across the Asia Pacific region. They are normally organised by PacCALL together with local host(s).

The GLOCALL Conferences aims to share knowledge, research and experience on how to use computer technology to make language learning more effective and exciting; to explore how the technology can be adapted to better meet the local needs of students and teachers, while at the same time providing global perspectives on computer-assisted language learning (CALL) and Technology in Language Learning (TELL); and to bring the technology within the reach of local teachers who wish to develop their professionalism in CALL.


GLoCALL 2023 Conference and China’s 2023 International Conference on CALL jointly invite proposals for presentations to their conference at Inner Mongolia Normal University, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia from 10th-12th August 2023 . Presentations should be related to computer-assisted language learning (CALL), technology-enhanced language learning (TELL). Presentations on the use of technology in learning in general will also be considered.

Proposals for Papers (25 minutes), Workshops (60 minutes), Symposia (60 minutes), Posters (60 minutes) and Virtual Presentations (a file that is shared with all participants via the GloCALL website) should be submitted to by 15th April, 2023,

Proposals are encouraged within the sub-themes below but are not limited to them.

  • application of technology to the language classroom
  • using the Internet for cultural exchange
  • localizing Internet materials to the classroom
  • managing multimedia/hypermedia environments
  • e-learning, collaborative learning, and blended learning
  • emerging technologies
  • fostering autonomous learning through technology
  • training language teachers in e-learning environments
  • Artificial Intelligence and learning

For this conference, we will be publishing three special issues in reputable CALL journals — (1) CALL-EJ(indexed in Scopus), (2) IJCALLT (indexed in Scopus, ESCI) and (3) Journal of China Computer-Assisted Language Learning. More information regarding this will be available later.

If you are an international presenter and you wish to submit a proposal for a presentation at the GLoCALL 2023 Conference, please visit the Submission page.

If you are a presenter from China (i.e. a citizen of China), please submit your proposal to:


This is the ChinaCALL submission website, and it is bilingual on PC.



Conference Venue

How to get to Hohhot

Shengle Campus, Inner Mongolia Mormal University (IMNU(, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

By air (Hohhot Baita International Airport) or by train (Hohhot Railway Station or Hohhot East Railway Station).

It takes about two hours by high-speed train from Beijing to Hohhot.

How to get to the conference venue

It takes about one hour by taxi from Hohhot Baita International Airport

It also takes about one hour by taxi from Hohhot Railway Station or Hohhot East Railway station.

This is a weblink for you to check details about transportation and popular tours. You may also book city tours beforehand.




Opening of proposal submissions

April 15 (Sun)

Deadline for proposal submissions

May 15 (Tue)

Notices of acceptance sent out

July 1 (Mon)

Release of a preliminary conference programme

August 10 (Thu)

Conference workshops

August 11-12 (Fri-Sat)

Plenary & concurrent sessions


June 30 (Sat)  Deadline for registration of all presenters  
July 31 (Mon)  Deadline for pre-registration of participants (early bird
July 30 (Mon)  Deadline registration of virtual presenters 
July 31 (Mon)   Deadline for virtual presenters to submit their video
August 9 (Wed)  Deadline for participant’s pre-registration  
August 10-12
On-site registration of participants (full rate or
daily rate

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